The Elephant in the Room Part 1
When members of the Gippsland Tobacco & Healthy Lifestyle Team met in 2017 to work through the details of a significant information and training package to follow on from the highly successful work great they had been doing with tobacco cessation training with local Gippsland Communities, it became obvious that there was a major obstacle standing in their way. They were all still smokers themselves.
It was an issue that they could no longer ignore.

With great courage they agreed to open up to the community they desperately wanted to help to invite them to follow the group on their quitting journey.

The group asked experts from Quit Victoria, Alfred Health and the Aboriginal Quitline to support them along the way.

The idea was to allow a film crew to document their individual and group journeys. To share the knowledge gained along the way, the things that work and the things that don’t…how stress and the challenges of very busy lives can affect personal goals…the ups and downs…and the tips gained along the way to reach the finish line.

Follow them on their journey.
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