Current ongoing programs include:

No Butts Yarning program

This program is designed to hold community BBQ days in different towns throughout Gippsland, targeting a wide range of communities and inviting them to interact with the TIS team in a non-threatening environment. These meetings provide great opportunities for the TIS team to engage with a wide range of communities (all with their own specific needs), where they can deliver tobacco control information, 2nd and 3rd hand smoking information, prevention information, brief interventions and much more.

Smarter than smoking program

This program is designed to target high school aged youth with the message “prevention is better than cure” and is delivered to participating high schools during school hours throughout the Gippsland region.  This is now running in Primary school sector as well.

Area serviced by Gippsland TIS (Djinbung)

We currently service the whole of Gippsland area