Building on the success of a suite of Community Based Anti Smoking TV Commercials that were created with widespread consultation with Gippsland Aboriginal Communities and which featured more than 70 community members), the Gippsland Tobacco and Healthy Lifestyle Team conducted a ‘No Butts Yarning Group’ to follow up on the key messages.

We quickly discovered that stress was presented as a major factor as to why community members took up smoking and also why they often found it so difficult to quit. We also discovered that the stress people were encountering ran across three key areas.

Crisis and…
Trans-generational…and that normal approaches to these stresses were less than effective. That’s how the “Relax with Culture” project came about.

With 10 powerful video messages, the overall aim of the project is to offer Aboriginal people in Gippsland a culturally appropriate relaxation and strengthening resource. It is hoped that users will feel a greater sense of calm, feel a closer connection to culture and be more confident to face challenges with renewed inner strength without the need for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and medications.
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