This campaign was launched on March 28th 2015. The campaign includes: X4 TV ads X4 Radio Ads Billboards Posters USB Wristbands Caps T-Shirts and a series of Youtube clips. All content in this campaign is the result of extensive community consultation with Indigenous communities from Orbost down to Morwell.

THIS CAMPAIGN TARGETS SMOKERS AND VULNERABLE YOUNG NON-SMOKERS From a history of being paid with tobacco, smoking rates in Aboriginal communities range anywhere between over 40% to up to 80%, posing a serious health threat. Many Aboriginal mothers smoke during pregnancy.

Although it takes the body up to 15 years to fully recover from smoking, Aboriginal people are less likely to quit. THIS CAMPAIGN INFORMS AND OFFERS ONGOING SUPPORT Smoking is the number one cause of chronic conditions and diseases among Aboriginal people and causes 20% of deaths in Aboriginal communities.

More Aboriginal people will die from tobacco-related illness than from alcohol, petrol sniffing, domestic violence and car accidents put together.

Shooting TV Commercials for the “Smoking are you Kidding?” campaign